2009_ismar09Thuong Hoang, Bruce Thomas, “In-situ Refinement Techniques for Outdoor Geo-Referenced Models Using Mobile AR”, in in Proceedings of the 8th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, Orlando, USA 2009.


Our wearable computer system employs thumb tracked pinch gloves as the main input device, and we extended this input capability with a handheld 3 degree-of-freedom orientation tracked single-point laser rangefinder (OSPLR). The combination of range data and orientation data enables the user of the OSPLR as a virtual 3D pointer, which samples corner points of a physical object to create a virtual model corresponding to that object.

With the input device, we implement a set of techniques to perform in-situ refinements on simple geo-referenced models using mobile augmented reality systems. The refinements include affine transformations to the model and surface feature additions, including high detail concave and convex features. The techniques employ pinch gloves and a single-point laser rangefinder augmented with an orientation sensor as input devices. Finished models can be exported for use with other geospatial applications. The proposed techniques are intended to be an effective and elegant approach to enhancing outdoor models using mobile augmented reality.